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Blogging for survival

Some things endure. Not because they are worthy. Because they are durable. Plastic bottles, bad movies, Speedos, Crocs, fear of others, Dictators, slavery, the smell of mouldy laundry, bad table manners, war and nuclear waste. You get the idea. It’s not a test of value. It’s an experiment in durability. Logic tells me then that some very valuable things have been lost over time, and some real shit has remained. Just saying.

I would like to survive. Even prosper and live a long and wonderful life. The odds? I’m not made of plastic, nor do I have aspirations for a Dictatorship. Not currently anyhow. I may have to add either some luck or some grunt into my chances of survival. For me to prosper I need to maintain my freedom. I also need to increase the chances for others to maintain theirs. So they can also enjoy wearing Speedos and seeing the world decimated by wars of attrition.

There must be a tipping point. When enough energy propels a thing into immortality. How much energy would this be? How much energy would it take to save the Warrup Forest? Or even one species that lived within its safe and loving ecosystem? How much energy would it take to free one single person from immigration detention? Just how much love to remake this world? Just how much grunt for this odyssey?

I think I’m going to have to pitch in. It’s not that the Dalai Lama isn’t fabulous. He is. I just feel I could add a bit of saffron minded support. I really love the colour. It’s the colour of the Australian outback. It’s the colour of ochre. It’s the colour of that fake orange cordial Mum used to let us have as a treat. You know the one that stains your mouth for 3 days? It’s the colour of energy.

It’s not lost on me that it’s New Years Eve. People can be real dicks about this time. Me included. There is little I can do in the way of a cure. I’m looking more at prevention here. So an undertaking is at hand. An energetic blood brotherhood, cross your heart type 99th hour promise. Blogging for survival. Commitment to stain my tongue, my heart and my world with my hope. That what survives 2013 isn’t just the shit.


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3 thoughts on “Blogging for survival

  1. Sounds like a revolution resoltion to me; a little bitter, like the best chocolate and a little crazy like the best of people “the colour of the Australian … of energy” is a great section.
    Best wishes for 2013 – oooh, you’re there alreday 😀

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