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This wish: Week 22: Blogging for survival

Today I get to make a wish.

And this one feels like a deal breaker.

These are precious moments. Formed on the precipice. So I’m testing a new theory. On myself. Because I’ve liberated the lab rats. They are kind of cute and sentient as it turns out. And why should they suffer. Unless it’s their birthday as well.

And I know. There has been a thread of thinly veiled sarcasm weaving at its loom recently. It’s almost finished. Creating the hair shirt I might just pop on.

Looking snappy birthday girl, want a permanent scowl to go with that?

So this wish….

It’s not to have a different past, or a different future. It is not to be a different person. Or to have loved differently. It is not to have a different brother or a different sister. And it is not to have succeeded where I have failed. No.

Nor is it to have been born to different parents or in a different time. Or to know a different version of a lifetime.

Or to dream a different dream.


What if the wish of this lifetime was to see it? Looking with all my eyes. And be able to bear all that I see. All of it. 

I wish.

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